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police bike support group 2016 year in review - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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PBSG 2016 Year in Review

Police Bike Support Group 2016 Year in Review:

In 2016 we changed our name from the Fort Worth Police Bike Patrol Citizens Support Group to a much more simplified name, Police Bike Support Group.

Once again the Police Bike Support Group succeeded in its mission of supporting police bike riding police officers of the Fort Worth Police department. The Police Bike Support Group (PBSG) would not have been successful without the tremendous support of our community and our business sponsors. Our success is also predicated upon the unselfish support and guidance from our volunteer Board of Directors. We welcomed Deputy Chief Rene Kamper, Anna Boulware and Stephen Norris to our Board. In addition, we would like to give recognition to Mr. Jeffrey Bryan for his work making our 12th annual sporting clay shoot fundraiser a success raising $107,417.

Chef Marcus Paslay owner of the Clay Pigeon restaurant was our signature Chef at the sporting clay sponsor dinner. Chef Paslay was supported by Chef Michael Thomson (Michaels Cuisine), Chef James Morris (Worthington Hotel) and his wife Barbara, and Chef Pablo Uruena (personal Chef to Mark Cuban). Needless to say the sponsor dinner on Thursday evening, October 6, was an incredible success. Thirty-five teams enjoyed the sporting clay shoot the following day.

The PBSG created a new initiative supporting our women and men in blue called “Do Back the Blue” ( This initiative is funded through tee-shirt sales. For every shirt purchased, a youth sized shirt is purchased by the PBSG and is given to the youth in the community by a police officer. In addition, money raised through this initiative is used to fund police training. In 2017, 140 Fort Worth Police Officers will go through a Mental Health Officer Certification program. One hundred of those officers training will be funded by the Do You Back the Blue initiative of the PBSG.

In 2016, the PBSG funded the following:

$ 36,251.35 for clothing and equipment
$ 6,753.11 for new patrol bikes and other capital costs
$ 675 for training
$ 30,000 for crime prevention programs
$ 13,819.29 for officer awards and recognition events
$7,500 supporting the police civilian employee award banquet
$23,045.37 supporting the Do You Back the Blue program

This year (2017) we will continue to support the Officers and department through our fundraising programs Big Guns in Cow Town, the 13th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot and the Do You Back the Blue initiative.

Finally in March of 2017 a long-time member and founding member of our Board of Directors will be retiring from his job at HUD and heading west to Colorado. I would personally like to thank Jay Bond for his commitment to the Police Bike Support Group for nearly a quarter a century. We all wish Jay well as he moves to another chapter of his life.

As Chair of the PBSG, I will be retiring in April after nearly 35 years of service to the Bass Family. I want to thank the PBSG Board of Directors who made my time as Chair wonderfully enjoyable. Matt Beard will take over as Chairman and President. I am excited for Matt and the future of the PBSG. I am confident Matt will lead the organization to incredible heights. Finally, I would like to thank the Bass Family and our Director Joel Glenn for allowing me to serve this Board for so many years.

To the women and men of the Fort Worth Police Department, I have enjoyed getting to meet and know many of you and see first-hand your professionalism, commitment to service and dedication to making our city safe. Godspeed to all of you! May you always be kept safe!

John Joyce