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Take a closer look into the life of a Fort Worth Bike Patrol Officer. - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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Officer Spotlight - Isaac Dykes

Officer Isaac Dykes
West 7th Bike Patrol
Officer 3 yrs, Bike Patrol 7 mos

What is your favorite part about being on Bike Patrol?

The fact that we get to do our job on a bicycle just enhances everything. Due to the limited number of officers we have on the team, the camaraderie that we have with one another is a perk too.

What would you like citizens to know about bike patrol?

That we are always here to serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the community, no matter the problem.

How do you handle the Texas heat?

Drinking a lot of water and finding shade.

What is your favorite bike/cop movie?

My favorite Cop movie is definitely End of Watch. Favorite bike movie is probably 21 Jump Street.

Describe your perfect day on patrol.

A day where the temperature isn’t too warm and there are no problems. Any day that we can positively interact with the Public makes our day easier and better.

Do You Back The Blue

Show your support for the Fort Worth Bike Patrol by purchasing an “I Back The Blue” shirt or sticker at
For each shirt purchased, law enforcement will donate a shirt to a child in the community.
All proceeds support law enforcement training and equipment purchases.

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#doyoubacktheblue #thebluehasmyback is a program of One Safe Place.