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Take a closer look into the life of a Fort Worth Bike Patrol Officer - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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Officer Spotlight - Tony Rambo

Officer Tony Rambo (aka Old Man)
West Division Bike Patrol
Officer 23 yrs, Bike Patrol 1 year

What is your favorite part about being on Bike Patrol?

Interacting with the general public on a more relaxed level.

What would you like citizens to know about bike patrol?

That our capabilities are far greater than just riding a bike.

How do you handle the Texas heat?

Stay hydrated and take breaks to take off equipment to cool down more efficiently.

What is your favorite bike/cop movie?

My favorite cop movie is “Dirty Harry”.

Describe your perfect day on patrol.

A perfect day on patrol would be a mild temperature, no crime in the area and all citizens get home safely.

Do You Back The Blue

Show your support for the Fort Worth Bike Patrol by purchasing an “I Back The Blue” shirt or sticker at
For each shirt purchased, law enforcement will donate a shirt to a child in the community.
All proceeds support law enforcement training and equipment purchases.

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#doyoubacktheblue #thebluehasmyback is a program of One Safe Place.