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Take a closer look into the life of a Fort Worth Bike Patrol Officer. - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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Officer Spotlight - Marcus Mendoza

Officer Marcus Mendoza
Central Bikes Day Shift
Officer 13 yrs, Bike Patrol 4 yrs

What is your favorite part about being on Bike Patrol?

My favorite part of being on bike patrol is being on a bike. Not only do I get to ride during duty, but most of my off time is spent riding as well. I enjoy patrolling the FW Trinity trails, and interacting with the public, and showing the police presence far from the grind of downtown traffic.

What would you like citizens to know about bike patrol?

I would like the citizens to know that officers in general are regular people as well. Being on a bicycle we can get a more personal experience with the public. We are able to talk face to face, and not have the barrier of a vehicle and possible intimidation.

How do you handle the Texas heat?

Handling the heat in Texas is no easy task, especially working outdoors. Being an avid cyclist, I am in the heat a lot. I would say I have adapted to it. Drinking lots of fluids, and finding shade is the key. Morning’s are the best time!

What is your favorite bike/cop movie?

It’s hard to pick a favorite cycling or “cop” movie. One movie that stands out from the 80’s is “Rad” about an up and coming bmx racer. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite “cop” movie. Being in Law Enforcement, the last thing you want to do is go home and watch a movie about “work”.

Describe your perfect day on patrol.

My perfect day on patrol is a Sunday morning ride on the miles of the Trinity Trails, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee… yes even in the Texas Heat!

Do You Back The Blue

Show your support for the Fort Worth Bike Patrol by purchasing an “I Back The Blue” shirt or sticker at
For each shirt purchased, law enforcement will donate a shirt to a child in the community.
All proceeds support law enforcement training and equipment purchases.

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#doyoubacktheblue #thebluehasmyback is a program of One Safe Place.