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FWPBSG Trains UT Austin Officers

The Week of July 17th, 2017, members of the FWPD Central Bike Unit went to Austin, Texas to provide crowd management and control training. FWPD Officers along with their training partners from the Texas High Patrol Bike Unit trained over 50 Austin and University of Texas Bike Officer in crowd management and control using police mountain bikes. The University of Texas was kind to let us use their campus as our training environment. This is a three day course which provides the necessary instruction and training to facilitate the peaceful and lawful expression of views and ideas of demonstrating citizens, utilizing a different approach than riot tactics. The goal is to provide an additional level of response to public order or crowd management using Mountain Bicycle Officers. Officer learned how to manage a crowd, work a crowd and remain safe within the crowd.

The Fort Worth Central Bike Unit would like to thank the Austin PD, University of Texas PD and the Texas High Patrol Bike Unit for their hospitality. We look forward to more joint training with our new partners in public order.

Lorne Tracy, Sergeant
Fort Worth Police Department
Central Bike Unit