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Police Bike Support Group 2018 Year in Review - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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2018 Year in Review: A Letter from the President

This past year the Police Bike Support Group (PBSG) experienced a lot of successes and accomplished its mission of supporting police bike riding police officers of the Fort Worth Police Department. True to years past, the PBSG would not have been successful without the tremendous support of our community and business partners, a group of partners that continues to grow with the organization. Such growth and success would not have been realized without the gracious support and direction from our volunteer Board of Directors:

Board Members
Matt Beard, President
Glen Hahn, Vice-President
Jonathan Ramsey, Treasurer
Jay Bond
Anna Boulware
Scott Dennett
Jared Fuller
James Graham
Doug Hooten
Robert Alldredge, Deputy, Chief FWPD
Urbin McKeever
Zach Murphy
Steve Norris
Betsy Price, Mayor, City of Fort Worth

We welcomed the new format for our 14th annual sporting clay shoot fundraiser known as the Shoot for the Blue with sponsors being treated to a dinner by executive chef Jon Bonnell at the BRIK venue just south of Downtown Fort Worth. We would like to recognize our many sponsors for helping us raise $115,473.00. Twenty-five teams enjoyed the sporting clay shoot Friday at Defender Outdoors’ new Clay Sports Ranch.

Our Do You Back the Blue? (DYBTB) initiative designed to promote healthy relationships between communities and law enforcement continued its “buy a shirt, give a shirt” program. This year DYBTB held several community block parties that brought FWPD officers and the communities they serve together for fun and entertainment. Additionally, DYBTB partnered with several community centers to establish the “Reading with the Blue” program designed to encourage literacy in early childhood.

To date in 2018, the PBSG has approved funding for the following:

$20,248.47 for clothing and officer equipment
$5,345.00 for new bike trailer
$4,448 for training
$30,000.00 for crime prevention programs
$13,464.00 for officer awards and recognition events

In addition to funding listed above, 2018 marked the first year that the PBSG supported the Texas Police Officer Memorial Ride. $18,367.65 was approved for officer meals, hotel accommodations, bike jerseys, and more for the 20 officers and Mayor Betsy Price that made the 150 mile ride from San Antonio to Austin.
We will continue to support the Officers and department through our fundraising programs Big Guns in Cowtown, the 15th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot & Dinner and the Do You Back the Blue initiative.

Matt Beard
President, Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group