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Big Guns In Cowtown 2017. Fort Worth Bike Patrol. Police Bike Support Group. - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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2017 Big Guns In Cowtown Recap

Mike Frazell of 95.9 The Ranch holds up an auction item

From the hors d’oeuvres to the last Uber, Big Guns in Cowtown was a success. Special thanks to all of our sponsors, individual guests, and PBSG supporters for making this year’s event a memorable one. We raised over $11,000 in ticket sales this year. With your continued and gracious support, our communities’ bike patrol officers will once again be outfitted, trained and ready to ride. With our efforts and your backing, we are making a real difference in our city that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

If you can’t get enough of making a positive change, then we’ll see you at our annual Shoot For The Blue dinner/clay shoot event in October!

Do You Back The Blue

Show your support for the Fort Worth Bike Patrol by purchasing an “I Back The Blue” shirt or sticker at
For each shirt purchased, law enforcement will donate a shirt to a child in the community.
All proceeds support law enforcement training and equipment purchases.

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#doyoubacktheblue #thebluehasmyback is a program of One Safe Place.