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Funding and Support - Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group

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Funding and Support


In 1991, the Fort Worth Police Department recognized a need to decrease crime and increase police presence in the Downtown area. At the time, a new and innovative concept in community policing called the Police Bicycle Patrol Unit in downtown Seattle, WA was proving to be very successful. Avid cyclist, Sandra Tomlinson, believed in the importance of the cause, and donated funding out of her own pocket to provide the North Division Foot Patrol Unit with the bicycles and necessary equipment, helping to establish Fort Worth’s Bike Patrol Unit, one of the first in the state of Texas. Sandra was tragically killed in a cycling accident, but her memory will never be forgotten and her legacy lives on through the Sandra Tomlinson Bike Officer Community Policing Award which is given each year to a Neighborhood Police Officer.

The Police Bike Support Group supports officers in areas that the city budget does not support, taking officers from standard policing to an elevated standard of excellence. By supporting the Bike Patrol Units and officers, the PBSG is working every day to keep our community safe.

Sources of Funding

The PBSG is a 501C3 non-profit organization, is funded by private and corporate donors and receives no funding from governmental resources. Your generous donations are applied in the following ways:

  • *Funding bike riding police officers with equipment
  • *Providing recognition for Fort Worth Bike Patrol Officers
  • *Providing training programs and certifications for bike officers
  • *Funding awards for FWPD civilian personnel (dispatchers, administrators, etc.) and funding civilian retirement plaques
  • *Providing funding to One Safe Place for crime prevention programs
  • *Funding Fort Worth Police Explorers (a mentor program for youth aspiring to pursue careers in law enforcement)
  • *Providing funding for various special projects